Random Thoughts

by thewallflowerchapter

Rocking the little berry with one hand as she naps, I would like to record a couple of random thoughts before I forget…

Am so thankful that GY made an effort to come home early yesterday so I could go for a 30-min run before we go for dinner at GY’s parent’s place. It’s been almost 2 months since I last ran, and I almost forgot how nice it is to feel my heart thumping again. The sea always reminds me that God is in control, and I’m grateful to have a glimpse of that truth again yesterday.

During my run, I saw a middle aged man hiding behind a bush with a toddler girl. I ran past and suddenly all these thoughts started popping up in my mind, “What is that man doing to that girl? Does she need help? Is there anyone else helping? No? Should I check it out? But I don’t want to be a busybody… But what if the man is trying to molest the little girl and there’s no one to help her?” Then I thought about the little berry, and how if she were to ever be in that situation, a passerby’s help could go a long way. So I turned back and went behind the bush to take a look. Turns out, the little girl was giggling and she seemed to be hiding behind with that man in ambush of someone else. Relieved, I went on my way.

I’ve been attempting to wake up earlier these days, ard 6.30am so I can get a couple of things done before the little berry wakes up and I get all flustered and impatient with the things that need to be done.

I’ve never been a morning person. Never. Even back in the days of training for the mountains, it took me great effort to wake up and start my day. It still takes me great effort to wake up now, and I get sleepy during the day and yearn for a nap sometimes (but no rest for the wicked since my hand is needed to rock the yaolan as the little berry naps).

While the many reasons I wake up early for are valid and good – morning QT, prepare breakfast for myself and GY, get chores done – the biggest reason which tipped me over the edge was that I was sick of being in such a grumpy mood every morning.

Hurrying hurts and it’s so true. When I have to do so many things within such a short timeframe, I feel pressed in from every side and the slightest thing can ignite flames of anger in me.