On Air

by thewallflowerchapter

Yesterday GY presented me with a gift.

It was a lovely 11-inch MacBook Air, spruced up with extra hard-disk space, faster ram, and better processing power. It floats at a wee 1kg, perfect for portability. It was everything I can ask for in a laptop, but what touched me the most about the gift was the sentiment behind it…

When I asked GY why this, he said this gift is for me to pursue my passion in writing, and that he was sad to see me unable to pursue many of the things I love – mountain biking, climbing – so he doesn’t want to see me lose touch with writing as well. He said that my words are precious to him (and then went on to make a joke about it).

Perhaps that’s how love works, in gifts of undeserved grace. My words don’t mean much to me, and I don’t think I’m a particularly good writer, but I feel loved and confident that someone believes in me, and not just anyone, my own husband.

So I shall endeavor to ask for divine inspiration, for stories, for ideas to bubble in my mind. And when they come, I know where I can write them down.

But before that, I’ll need to get a keyboard protector and a casing for the air. Not just because I’m protective of these things, but also because this gift is very precious to me.