The Conundrum of Sleep

by thewallflowerchapter

After extensive experimenting and observation, I’ve come to the conclusion that the little berry thrives on an early bedtime – when she’s bathed, nursed and in bed latest by 8.30pm, she can sleep for 10-11hrs. I found difficulty believing the book but as real life plays out, sleep does beget sleep.

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve observed a slow and steady deterioration of her daytime mood and behavior. She was curious and cheery when we spend time with her, but she was also very prone to crying and whining especially when we leave alone, and she gets v clingy and upset.

I guess this leads me to the other issue – her naps. Ever since she outgrew her trusty glider which was a lifesaver for the first 7 months of her life, I have tried various other methods of trying to let her nap, from the yao lan to play pen to mattress on the floor… till this day I’m still on the prowl for a solution, although my current method of nursing her to sleep on a mattress in our room seems to work for the time being for short naps (30mins – 1hr usually).

So effectively, her glorious 2-hr long naps are gone, and she’s been getting much less daytime sleep (1-2hrs in total tops). And because of this, she needs to sleep longer at night to make up for the lost hours in the daytime.

Essentially it’s a linked equation:

If she can’t nap well, she will need an early bedtime. And after a good night’s rest, she will be more prone to nap well.

Early bedtime = Long night time sleep = Better naps = Happier and healthier little berry

All this is very simple if other factors are not in play. Like how her early bedtime will mean that GY will not get to spend much time with her in the evenings if he trains, or if we go Frankel for dinner, or if there’s cg.

I tread the fine line of wanting to protect the little berry’s bedtime to ensure that she gets the rest she needs to grow and thrive; and the desire to let GY be able to spend time with her since he doesn’t get to see her much in the daytime.

I really do need wisdom to juggle this, because both are important, and both are necessary.

Sometimes I find myself looking forward to when the little berry is a bit older, when she doesn’t need naps anymore. But I guess there would be other battles to fight then.