Sleep Training: Nap Edition

by thewallflowerchapter

Why do I insist on doing this? She’s been crying for the past 45mins in her cot. I can hear her. I can see her on the webcam. She’s trying to climb her way out of misery, out of the room, to wherever Chopper and I are. She wants to hang out with us. Play. Read. Be held, cuddled.

But I also know she’s sleepy. She’s been rubbing her eyes. She need this nap. She’s only slept for an hour in the morning, mostly in my arms – which explains my lower backache and weird shoulder strain.

I know that if I go to her, scoop her up and nurse her in my arms, she will sleep. It might take up to 2hrs like it did this morning, but she will sleep. And I won’t have to undergo this misery of hearing her cry. Neither does she have to cry herself crazy like now.

Why Lord? Why is it so hard for good naps to take place? Please help us.