Daddy’s Girl

by thewallflowerchapter

I have more than a few friends who have a preference for boy babies, because they grew up as daddy’s girls and they understand how their mums struggle with having to share their husbands with their daughters.

They didn’t want to end up competing for their husband’s love and attention with their daughters.

This sentiment is new to me, maybe because in my household of 3 daughters, there aren’t any boys to compare with. My dad loves us and my mum never showed any signs of jealousy.

When I was asked the question of whether I’m afraid I’ll have to share my husband with my daughter, I was taken aback. I mean, I really never saw things that way. I would be more than happy to see GY loving the little berry with all he’s got.

I think I’m blessed in the sense GY has always made it a point to tell me that he loves me first and most before anyone else in the family. I feel assured by his love, and I know that we are a team, the two foundational members of Team 48.

I thank God for that knowledge and I pray that I’ll always feel this way about us, because it gives me the genuine freedom to feel such abundant joy every time I see GY loving the little berry in his own special way.