I have to remember to give thanks

by thewallflowerchapter

Ingratitude was at the heart of the fall, and at the heart of what’s fallen about us to this day. “Although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him” (Romans 1:21). Again and again through the Old Testament, especially in the Psalms, it was gratitude — giving God thanks — that was the fitting response to God’s gracious acts of deliverance.

So today I’m thankful for:

The little berry looking cheery this morning even after the hour-long crying episode at 1am last night which left me pretty zonked. That she’s been sleeping so well for more than a month and this crying is a rare occurrence.

That I was able to keep quiet in the middle of the night when GY was expressing his frustrations, even though I was utterly stressed out from her crying.

GY’s friend who is helping us with the shipping headache.

That we’ve won a One Show pencil for a project at work.

GY sending me to work even though he was running late for gym.

My parents who take care of the little berry even though I know it’s not easy to let her nap without the boob, nor is it easy to keep up with her speed crawling and desire to touch everything in sight.