10 Months

by thewallflowerchapter

Once again, I can’t quite believe that in 2 months’ time, the little berry will reach the one year mark. She’s growing up too quickly, and I can hardly catch up. Just last week I was going through some of her newborn photos, and she looks like such a different baby now! It’s hard to even imagine that she’s the same person…

She’s entering the really interactive stage and it’s quite fun to hang out with her at home, reading to her (she loves to flip the page after I’m done reading), chasing her around (she would squeal and run away when we crawl and ‘chase’ her), playing peek-a-boo (I cover my head with a blanket and she would lift up the blanket to look for me, and would smile when she finds me).

She can now repeat after us when we say “pa” or “ma”, and it’s very cute to play this game where she repeats after what we say.

She can accurately distinguish who’s “papa” and “mama”. When she sees GY in the mornings or after he comes home, she would rush to him, going “pa!”. When she sees me, she goes “mama!”

She still does her naughty crinkly-nose smile a lot, sometimes bearing her gums too. GY’s parents think it’s ugly but we find it very cutie. She does this when she’s in a good mood, or when one of us does the same thing to her and she repeats it after us, thinking it’s a game.

She can now climb the stairs and come down on her own (but with supervision, of course). She seems to have inherited GY’s sense of coordination in this aspect.

I can’t be sure but she seems to be undergoing a bit of separation anxiety. Whenever she sees me walking away from her, or putting her down and leaving, she would complain and go “mamamamama!!!” She doesn’t actually want me to carry her all the time, but she does want my company to be in line of sight. She would be perfectly fine if I’m doing my own thing within reach of her. While it’s sweet to know that she loves to be near me, it also means I have less time to do chores since I can no longer put her in the play pen and walk away. She now sits in her bebpod seat propped close to the kitchen island with a stash of books and toys to amuse her so I can eat or get things done.

She seems to be going through an affectionate phase as well. When I carry her after a day of being separated from her at work, she would cling on to me very tightly, and even more so when my parents try to pry her away so I can eat dinner. Once when she was napping on the mattress, she stirred and I quickly pretended to be sleeping (if she sees me sitting at my desk, she would crawl over to me, pull herself up against my thigh and go “mama!”). She came to pat me on the shoulder and when I continued ‘sleeping’, she tried to lay down next to me, burying her head in my side. It was so sweet of her that I stopped pretending to sleep and played with her instead.

As mentioned, she’s been napping on a mattress in our bedroom now because she can’t seem to nap in the “yao lan” anymore. One day a few weeks ago, she just decided that she will have nothing to do with the yao lan. When I put her inside (after she’s been sound asleep in my arms for at least 10mins), she would brawl herself awake and I have to nurse her back to sleep all over again. After a shoulder-aching, stomachache-inducing week of this napping system, I decided to try letting her nap on a flat surface instead since she very much prefers to sleep on her side/tummy instead of her back. So a week ago, I dragged the mattress to our bedroom, nursed her to sleep in my arms and then plonked her on the mattress with her familiar blanket and pillow. She complained for a second before turning herself over and going to sleep again. Now she naps for about 40-60mins twice a day (around 10am and 3pm).

Her bedtime remains around 8.30-9pm, and thankfully she doesn’t cry after we put her to bed these days, except for a few off days here and there (like when I had to go for a wedding dinner and tried to make her sleep much earlier – didn’t work). She usually sleeps through the night for about 10-11hrs at a stretch and wakes up around 7ish am. This gives me a bit of free time after I put her to bed, which I have divide between finishing up stuff in the kitchen, preparing things for the next day, trying to regain my sanity by spending some time alone, bathing, doing random stuff like tidying up her photos, and spending time with GY.

Food-wise, she’s been eating well (usual mix of spinach, chicken/pork, souper stock, ikan bilis and brown rice cereal + fruit) except that her appetite seems to have dipped the last few days. Not sure if this is an indication of her teething pains. The highlight of her meal is usually her fruits, she loves holding pieces of fruits with her own hands and gnawing on them, it’s a messy process and almost all her bibs are stained now with fruit colors I can’t remove even with washing. She eats twice a day now, lunch around 12+pm and dinner around 6+pm. Her milks feeds are pretty much on-demand, but generally when she nurses around 7+am (upon waking), 9+am (before morning nap), 2+pm (before afternoon nap), 4+pm, 7+pm, and 8+pm (before bedtime).