Our day at 9 months

by thewallflowerchapter

I’ve been meaning to document this for a while, but haven’t had the chance… So here’s how our day looks like usually now that the little berry is 9 months going on 10.

(Mondays and Tuesdays are a slightly different affair since I have to work. We leave the house at 8ish am and come back home to put her to bed around 8-9pm.)

7ish am: The kraken awakens. We hear her stir via the baby monitor. We usually find her standing up in the cot when we enter the nursery, sometimes she’s crying from hunger, sometimes she’s just chilling and wants us to go to her. GY usually changes her diaper and brings her to me in our room to nurse her. After nursing, we’ll play with her in our room. She would crawl all over us, ransack the books, stand up, try to wriggle away…

9ish am: Bathing time. I would bathe her and then bring her downstairs to eat my breakfast. By now she’s usually quite sleepy, so I grab a few mouthfuls of food quickly (usually egg mayo or cereal), chop up some veg for her lunch and get ready to put her to bed for her nap.

10am: Milk feed + Nap. This would be the first of her 2 naps for the day. Usually I let her nap in the sarong, but recently I’ve been trying to let her nap on a mattress in our room because she likes to sleep on her side/tummy and would protest if she’s put in the sarong.

11ish am: Wakes up. I play with her and get lunch ready, both hers and mine.

12ish pm: Lunch. For now, it’s usually a mixture of spinach, souper stock, meat (blended chicken/pork), brown rice cereal, ikan bilis, followed by fish oil and then a fruit. She would sometimes spit out the fish oil, but she LOVES her fruits. She likes holding them and gnawing at them herself. While she does that, I try to have my lunch.

1 – 2ish pm: Play time. After lunch, I try to keep her in the bebepod seat for a while more in case she poos. Then we’ll muck around, I let her crawl in the living room or play room, she has fun exploring the things and hears many “no no no” from me when she goes to the shoes/rug/other dangerous places. I read to her and she listens and tries to eat the books or tear out the pages.

2ish – 3pm: Nap. Her second nap of the day. I try to let her nap for an hour at least here, so she can last till bedtime.

4ish – 5pm: Wakes up. I play with her some more and get her dinner ready, while preparing stuff for our own dinner. Sometimes if I finish early, I bring her out for a short walk along the park connector.

6pm: Dinner. She eats her dinner and I leave her to gnaw on her fruits (or a recent discovery, celery sticks!) while I cook our dinner. If GY comes back early, he’ll play with her while I cook.

7ish pm: We have dinner while the little berry entertains herself.

8ish pm: Bathing time. GY washes up after dinner while I bath the little berry. After which, GY says a benediction for the family and I nurse her to sleep. GY bathes while I do this.

9ish pm: Me time. I finally get some time to myself and I usually potter around the kitchen, keeping used utensils or getting stuff ready for tomorrow before I take a leisurely bath.

9ish – 10pm: Couple time. We spend some time doing stuff side by side, or watch a movie together, or just generally muck around.

11ish – 12 midnight: Zzzzz… After our eternal argument over who has the rights to the bolster, we drift off to sleep like sea otters, holding hands : )