by thewallflowerchapter

For many people, a holiday is a big break. A thing to look forward to, something for months on end. In fact, research has shown that the preparation and anticipation of a holiday brings people more joy than the holiday itself.

We are headed to Alaska for a holiday this coming Sept, with the little berry in tow. And I find myself feeling more worried than excited.

I worry that she might not get enough rest on the trip since her day/night schedule would be out of the window.

I worry that she will no longer sleep through the night after coming back from the holiday and we have to go through the pain of re-training her.

I worry that she will get cranky on the many plane/boat/bus rides and I have no way of soothing her.

I worry that she might fall sick before/during/after the trip, especially from the extreme cold.

I worry that we might be making a wrong decision to go for this holiday, and that she will have to suffer the consequences of our mistake.

I worry that my back will not be able to withstand the long hours of carrying her in the baby carrier.

I worry that she will have nowhere to sleep at night, and that the bed will not be sufficient to accomodate all 3 of us, and some of us end up getting insufficient sleep.

I worry that there many be many unspoken expectations I don’t live up to, and people get mad at each other during the holiday.

Thinking of all these makes me feeling like hiding under a rock and not go anywhere at all… I wish I can be free from these worries and actually start looking forward to the holiday!

“Dear Lord, you know the worries swimming through my mind. Father I commit these into your hands. If this holiday is a gift from you, please make it a blessing, not a curse. Please help me look past these concerns and see your mighty hand at work in this.

Lord, I pray that this extended period with GY’s parents will be blessed time of peace and fun. I pray that we will come out of this loving each other more, better able to communicate.

Lord I commit the little berry into your hands. Father please watch over her through every leg of the journey… the plane rides, boat rides, bus rides, car rides… Lord please grant her restful sleep, help her adapt well to the surroundings and keep her in good health before, during the after the trip. Lord please help me work through my concerns and not be running in circles with them.

I pray Father that I will be able to communicate my concerns to GY and that he will be patient in helping me address them, or find solutions to them. 

I pray Father that your mighty hand be upon this trip, watching over every detail. So I know I have nothing to worry about. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”