Things that set me off

by thewallflowerchapter

Mornings are always a bit of a mad rush for me… a lot of it has got to do with the fact that the little berry needs to get her morning nap within 2hrs of her waking time.

So effectively after changing her diaper, nursing her, spending some time with her in bed, getting changed myself and bathing her, I have only about 20-30mins before putting her to bed, and within that period of time, I have to feed myself, prepare her lunch, GY’s veg, and sometimes my own lunch and dinner ingredients.

So in that stressful state, I find myself easily agitated by things like:

Chopper working himself up into a frenzy and messing up the floor (I have to clean up the water mess he leaves on the floor quickly if not he steps on them and all over the place leaving his muddy paw prints everywhere)

Empty glass bottles sitting around the sink area (gets in the way of me trying to do things and wastes my time having to put them in the plastic bag below the sink)

Dirty dishes piling up in the sink (I have no time to wash them and it irks me to see them piling up)

Sacarstic remarks about the lullaby music (this is like a low ball, if there isn’t so much noise created by chopper and ppl in the house, there wouldn’t even be a need for white noise music. And no the radio doesn’t work – tried and proven.)

Not sure if it’s the combination of All the above factors working against me, or that I didn’t get to do my QT in the morning today, but it’s been a rather frustrating morning so far (even though I took the effort to prepare some things the night before so it wouldn’t be so rushed)

A matter of posture perhaps, like GY mentioned? Or a lack of sensitivity by the people (and animals) around?