New parents

by thewallflowerchapter

Just when we thought we’ve figured our daughter out, we had a humbling episode of re-learning one of the most basic lessons in baby upbringing – identifying a dirty diaper.

The little berry was complaining towards the end of the very long dinner tonight and both of us put it down to the fact that she was getting bored, or didn’t like being confined to one spot for a prolonged period of time.

We took turns attending to her until we came home and GY said that she might have a dirty diaper coz he could smell something funky.

True enough, she had a huge poo which went all the way up to her back! After cleaning her up, we saw that there were red angry rashes at her privates and even on her back, probably from the prolonged exposure of poo against flesh. It was heartbreaking to see that.

Before bringing her for a bath, GY told her something which I thought was very true, he said sorry to her and we are still learning how to be parents. I also told her that she’s a good girl and thanked her for forgiving us as we learn.

I guess parenthood is really a lifelong learning journey… from identifying poo to imparting wisdom, we have so much to learn.