by thewallflowerchapter

For many things today…

Great weather for swimming, and that the little berry seemed to be less scared and was actually enjoying the water towards the end of the swim.

That part time helper is back! Even though she comes back with sad news… I’m very thankful she’s able to help out again. The last few weeks has really made me appreciate her help a lot more, and made me realise that I really cannot do everything on my own.

Divine inspiration for dinner. Don’t know why the chicken kebab dish just popped into my mind. The taste was a little herby for me, but glad GY liked it. I guess this is what I can do to support him on his diet.

That the little berry didn’t cry when I put her to bed earlier. It’s always such a joy when that happens, no matter how many times it happens. Her cries never get easier for me.

That we had fun playing with her, spending time as a family.

That at the end of the day, GY and I can lie side by side and have our ridiculous brand of smelly fun.