Late Nights

by thewallflowerchapter

Tonight was probably the latest we’ve stayed out for dinner since the little berry came along. I’ve been feeling uncomfortable about the timing towards the end of the evening and by the time we finally left, I felt the semblance of anger rising. As I showered, I started to think about the reasons why I was feeling the way I do…

Was I upset because the little berry was made to stay up way past her bedtime? And that she was overtired by the time she slept, hence the crying?

Or that I’m exhausted from having to juggle the little berry and trying to eat a 2-hour long dinner?

Perhaps a bit of both… But I guess over and above these reasons, I was unhappy that the quantity & quality of her rest has been compromised because of our decisions (she sleeps around 13+hrs each day, but today she will only be able to sleep 11hrs).

Should I have been more firm to protect her bedtime and prevented her from being overtired? Should I have insisted on leaving with her so she could come home and rest while the others continued with the merry making? That would surely have made some people upset, but would I be willing to bear the consequences just so my daughter can have the rest she needs?

I dislike conflicts, but now that I’ve seen how exhausted she was, I think I should be more firm if the situation were to arise again.