by thewallflowerchapter

Ever since the little berry outgrew her glider which faithfully saw her through naps for almost 6mths, I’ve grown a little displaced.

I used to leave her in the glider and do stuff around the kitchen eg. cooking, laundry… but now that I can’t leave her in the glider anymore (and she refuses to nap in the play pen), I’ve resorted to

1) Letting her nap in my arms for the entire duration of her nap

2) Nursing her in our master bed and transferring her to sleep on our bed after she KO

The second option is preferred because my arms are free and she naps much longer on our bed. However it’s still not ideal since I have to be present to make sure she doesn’t roll off the bed or do anything silly to herself.

The need for me to be around her while she naps takes me away from the many tasks I would like to do around the house. I can’t vacuum, mop, cook or do the laundry.

GY says I should take this opportunity to rest, but I feel like a bum on the bed, neglecting the housework. I haven’t cooked in a while and GY has been the one doing our laundry.

It’s very odd, now that I finally have to chance to rest, I feel kinda displaced. And bad. Like, why can’t I provide food on the table? Why do we always have to eat outside food? Why is there a ton of clothes I don’t have time to iron? Why haven’t I changed our bed sheets? Why are there random messes around the house? I’m slacking in the upkeeping of this place and it’s going to look like a dump soon.

I really do wish the little berry can take her naps unsupervised soon, so I can get down to these things…