Sleep Training

by thewallflowerchapter

And so it begins… The little berry’s sleep training journey. Will we survive? Already she’s cried for a whole hour during her afternoon nap, I don’t know what’s going to happen tonight.

For the sake of my sanity, here are some of the pros of sleep training:

She gets longer, undisturbed sleep.

Because the quality of her sleep is better, she will be happier and can learn better.

Going to sleep on her own is a skill she has go learn and we must not prevent her from learning it because of our emotions.

In turn, I will be better rested and better able to take care of myself, GY and other household needs.

*** Update ***

Little berry cried for 1hr 15mins continuously, slept for 45mins then cried again for 20mins before sleeping till 6am. When she cried at 6am, I went in to feed her and she continued sleeping till 9am.

When I found her this morning, she was quite chilled out in her cot although her eyes are slightly swollen from all that crying (sigh). I was so afraid she would hate me for not responding to her cries and kept looking out for signs of affection from her. She seemed cheery and smiled at me a few times in the morning and I heaved a sigh of relief.