Little Berry’s First CNY

by thewallflowerchapter

I left the angbao under her pillow the way my mum used to leave it under mine. GY and I wrote on the angbao, so when she’s all grown up it’ll be nice for her to look back on our wishes for her.

But alas! This little girl is obviously more clever than I thought, we found her chewing on the money from the angbao the next morning, the angbao packet had been chewed out and she was gnawing on the $10 bills! So much for thinking that she would never find them.

The rest of the day entailed the usual visiting and meeting of relatives, just that with a baby in tow now, things are happier (everyone wants to say hi and carry the baby!) but also more tiring.

Somehow GY and I seem to rub each other off the wrong way throughout this CNY. Good intentions are misread, tempers are short and patience is scarce with each other. I recall how my parents used to get upset with each other during festivities sometimes when I was growing up and it made me sad that the little berry seems to be suffering the same fate.

It’s hard to stay thankful during times like these, but contentment is learnt, so I’ll try. Today, I’m thankful for

GY going out to buy Mac’s breakfast for us.

GY putting in a load of laundry.

We are blessed with many angbaos from both sides of the family. The little berry is much loved.

Clean floors.

There’s more than enough food and goodies to go around.