White Paper

by thewallflowerchapter

There has been much unhappiness about the government’s population white paper recently. It is projected that by 2030, Singapore’s population will hit 6.9 million, a number beyond my imagination.

The unrest is understandable. Who doesn’t want more space in the mrt, less traffic jams, more affordable housing, better paying jobs which seem to be snagged up by foreigners?

The population white paper is hugely unpopular amongst the people, but it’s something the country needs to think about, debate over, and be prepared for before we meet the future face to face and resort to stop-get measures.

As I try to make sense of all this, I’m reminded that God has put the government as authority over us. His will is sovereign and He makes no mistakes, even if the government does. It is not my role to complain, join the dissension or create more dissatisfaction amongst the people. It is, however, my role to pray for my government, the leaders of this nation I call home.