First Tooth

by thewallflowerchapter

The little berry is teething. Felt and saw the beginning of her first tooth peeking out of her gums this morning. It’s not completely out yet, but it’s definitely there. Not sure if it’s because of this little tooth or that she had a mega poop, but she woke up crying 8 times last night (!!!), am naturally zombified this morning, but still, there’s lots to give thanks for:

GY discovering the little berry’s pooped out situation and changing her diaper while I laid in bed for a couple minutes more.

A lift to work, courtesy of GY.

My parent’s help in taking care of the little berry, making sure that she naps well (I can tell she’s very tired from the numerous waking)

A much-needed 5-min nap during lunch time.

Friends to lunch and laugh with.

Me-time amidst the office work to type this.

That despite the little berry’s punishing night wakings, she is generally healthy and cheery.