The Gift Of Sleep

by thewallflowerchapter

A friend mentioned recently that one of the best gifts a husband can give a nursing wife is the gift of sleep.

I’ve resisted receiving this gift for a long time… I always reason within myself that since I don’t have to go into office most days, I should be the one taking the night wakings.

Plus GY hasn’t been well so he really needs the sleep.

Plus it’s much faster for me to soothe the little berry back to sleep since I can just nurse her, whereas it’ll take much more effort from GY to do the same.

And on some level, I was also afraid that the lack of sleep would mean a shorter temper from GY which wouldn’t bode well at home and at work.

I guess that’s why for the past 8 (!!) months, I’ve been trying to shoulder most of the night wakings alone. But since I’ve gone back to work recently, it’s become quite challenging. I walk into office zombified and there’s a haze of Zzzzz’s above my head. Couple that with the little berry waking up almost 4-6 times these few nights due to her flu.

After feeling hollowed out for the last couple of days, I finally caved last night and woke GY up when the little berry cried for the 4th time.

I’m not sure what followed. All I saw was that GY went promptly to her, taking the baby monitor. I heard some crying but sleep overcame my tired bones very quickly. When I opened my eyes, it was morning and my phone read 8.30am. For the first time in a long while, I’ve had the luxury of 3hrs of uninterrupted sleep.

I felt renewed joy at seeing the little berry when GY brought her into the room. I felt more alert. Happier. Lighter. More ready to play with my daughter. More like a human being.

I guess that’s the wondrous power of 3hrs of interrupted sleep. And the sacrificial love of my husband : )