Mothering is hard work

by thewallflowerchapter

After having gone back to work for 2 weeks, I can safely conclude that the full time mothering gig is much much harder than working. In fact if you ask me, it’s much harder than anything I’ve ever done. And I’ve climbed Everest.

At work, at least my time is more or less managed by myself – I choose when I want to go to the washroom and there’s no one whining outside the toilet door (I’m looking at you too chopper kunnie) hurrying me.

I can eat whatever I want for lunch and even if I have to eat in front of my comp and work at the same time, I still eat 10x slower than I usually do at home.

At work, the people I talk to respond to me in a somewhat rational and clear manner. At home, I get barks and cries.

Don’t get me wrong, I love mothering. (Ok maybe minus the sleep deprivation and lack of freedom.) And if I have to choose only one, I will choose to take care of my baby, in a heartbeat. But it’s only after a taste of motherhood that I realise work really is very manageable.

No one dies if the client doesn’t like the idea. But mothering, it’s taking care of little ones who really are eternity with skin on. And you don’t get to scrap the idea and rework the whole thing if something goes wrong.

So I guess working in office 2 days a week is good. It is what it is – full time mothering and part time work.