The Pin-Down Method

by thewallflowerchapter

The other night, the little berry woke up after I’ve nursed her and put her to bed. It was after midnight and she’s just had a mega dose of milk.

I was at my wit’s end and was lying on a mattress in her room, wallowing in defeat while she alternated between sitting, playing, standing and complaining in her cot. I was going to let her exhaust her energy before nursing her to sleep again.

Suddenly the door opened and GY came in. He took one look at me lying in a puddle of my own misery and decided to help. He carried the little berry out from her cot, she cried even louder. He put her down and sat down next to her. Then he placed his hand across her chest and held her down in that lying down position. She wailed. And wailed. Then suddenly, she stopped wailing. Her eyes became droopy, her arms relaxed. GY’s hand hovered above her chest in case she tries to turn again. It stayed in mid air while she slowly drifted off to sleep in between sobs.

GY told me about this amazing method before but it was the first time I’m witnessing it for myself. As we tiptoed out of her room that night, I was still in a daze of wonder. That night, she slept through to almost 6am. Amazing.