Back to work

by thewallflowerchapter

This week flew us by. I began my part time work journey on Monday and we all woke up slightly earlier to get ready to move off so GY wouldn’t be too late for his morning meeting.

While getting the little berry ready in the living room, I suddenly got all teary eyed because I couldn’t bear the thought of missing a day in her life. In the car, I almost cried the ugly cry when I strapped her in and she looked like she didn’t have a clue. I choked up when I told her that “mummy will miss you“. I guess I know who’s going to be the cry baby on her first day of school next time.

I’m grateful that she seems to be adjusting well to the changes. In fact her naps and night time sleep have gotten significantly better! It’s also heartening to see that she’s eating well and enjoying the company of others to play with.

I slipped into work like fish to water – after the usual “hey you’re back”, I was given 4 briefs and 1 pitch to work on, I hardly had time for lunch. The 2 days really tired me out, I guess I’m not used to the pace of office life after a 7-month hiatus. I felt ready to zonk out by 8pm those 2 nights, and I’m so thankful that I’m only working 2 days even though the nature of a 2-day work week is such that every piece of work has more or less a 1-day deadline.

GY has been a brilliant partner through it all. He drove us through the morning and evening traffic with no complaints, he came to pick me up from work even tho he didn’t need to, he even helped me keep the laundry and put them into the wardrobe!

Even though my days are more tiring with this new arrangement, I’m glad I never felt alone going through it.