New Year

by thewallflowerchapter

Just like that, we stumbled into the new year.

This is probably the sickliest new year our family has seen in our short 3-year history. The little berry was recovering from her cough/flu, GY is down with bronchitis and I’m also experiencing the onslaught of a flu.

It’s been kinda like this since Christmas, us battling various diseases and illness. I’m really hoping this season of sickness will pass soon, I guess the first lesson of the new year would be to never take our health for granted.

I woke up groggy-eyed from an epic episode of the little berry waking up 6 times, one of which saw her standing in the cot for a long long time, not wanting to nurse or go back to sleep. The other times she just cried very pitifully and wanted to be comforted. At some point I stopped trying to decipher what it is that bothers her, I just went on autopilot – climb out of the mattress, put her to the breast, put her back in the cot. If she protests when her head touches the mattress, it’s wash rinse repeat.

I woke up telling myself that my disposition shouldn’t be determined by my quality/quantity of sleep. That God’d grace is sufficient to see me through any state of sleep deprivation. That I have a husband who loves me and left me a filled water bottle and a gem on the nursing pillow last night. That the little berry will one day sleep through the night again.

So I would like to begin this year giving thanks:

For a God who stays up with me for every night feed and provides for me beyond all that I can ask or imagine. After going round in circles looking for part time work, he brought me back to green pastures and opened up an opportunity right where I thought was impossible.

For GY who is the best husband I can ask for. Who cooks and does the dishes. Who is learning patience and showing me by example. He’s taken it upon himself to provide for the family so that I can go part time at work and bring up our daughter. He’s always able to make the little berry laugh and he loves her enough to bathe her and reduce himself to a puddle of sweat.

For the little berry, who’s truly a joy to care for (in the day time). She seldom cries and if she does, it’s usually for a valid reason. She’s generous with her smiles and her laughter never fails to light up my heart, no matter what manner of torture she’s put me through in the night.

For my parents, who have demonstrated to me sacrificial love. In the face of my impatience and frustrations, they quietly took it upon themselves to see to my needs and my daughter’s.

For GY’s parents, especially my mother-in-law who has to juggle work and her own household, and yet she makes time to come by to see the little berry and bring me food. She’s truly a woman I admire for her capability and action love for family.

For friends who are fellow mums and gave me a lifeline in the face of the confusing months of new motherhood. And for friends who aren’t mums but stick ard anyway even though I hardly do the things I used to do with them. I’m thankful for their understanding and patience with me, for showing me that friendship isn’t just about doing things together, it’s about caring for one another through the various seasons of life.