Christmas & Berry smiles

by thewallflowerchapter

After all the festivities and cooking and preparing and presents-wrapping, I finally took a deep breath, sat down in the nursing chair and took a good long look at the little berry playing by herself in the cot.

She was standing up in the cot, moving around the 4 corners, trying to go hands-free, sitting down and playing with her toys… it was a delight to watch her play and enjoy herself, squealing and squawking and going da-da-da, looking up at me every now and then with a toothless smile.

I recognize that smile.

It’s that smile she has when she can’t sleep at night and gazes up at me from my bosom. It’s that smile she flashes when she sees one of us walk into the nursery in the mornings. The same smile she has when I jiggle her hippo soft toy, or press the squeaky ducky in her book.

Her smiles are precious, especially these couple of weeks when she’s been unwell.

Christmas eve saw us at the NUH Children’s Emergency to get her lungs checked, no clinic was open and I was worried her bronchitis might have returned. We spent a long time there, came back close to 8pm and went without a proper dinner. After putting her to bed, we shared some lobster bisque and GY went out to buy McDonald’s for supper. Wasn’t much of a Christmas Eve spread, but it was comforting to have all of us together, and the little berry tucked in bed.