by thewallflowerchapter

If there’s anyone who has displayed an amazing example of courage of late, it is our little berry.

The poor girl came down with a mild case of baby bronchitis this week and has been coughing and sneezing since the day before. What started as what seemed like harmless dry coughing morphed into this phlegmy condition where mucus flows down her nostrils with every sneeze.

We brought her to see the neighborhood PD who was a little affronted that we didn’t bring her earlier. But she was v impressed that the little berry’s body seems to be doing a good job fighting off the sickness, she said that she saw 4 or 5 other similar cases all of which landed in hospital.

It’s the first time the little berry has fallen sick but if not for the drippy nose and cough, we wouldn’t even be able to tell that she’s unwell – she’s been her usual cheery self, dishing out smiles in the mornings and laughing at our silly antics throughout the day.

At the clinic when the nurse had to use the nebulizer on her, she said that she would most probably cry like all the other babies. But when they started the machine, she just kinda stared at it curiously, intrigued by the white smoke coming out. She eventually tried to eat it when she got a bit bored, haha.

We are really thankful that the little berry has been such a brave one through this saga thus far. But it’s still hard to see her sneezing and coughing, especially at night when her coughs would wake her up from her sleep.

Last night there was once she coughed so badly she vomited all over her mattress. Thankfully GY was around, he quickly changed the sheets and I cleaned her up and put her into another set of clothes.

She woke up 4 times last night mostly from her coughing and I guess also the discomfit of having a stuffy nose and back-flow of the mucus. But she’s a trooper and was happily playing by herself when she woke up this morning while I laid on the mattress trying to sleep in for a few more minutes.

Thinking back, it seems that her frequent wakings could have been the initial onset of this sickness…

Anyhow, it seems that it’s often in the face of crisis that teamwork is best practised… GY taking time off work to send us to the PD, both of us taking turns to carry her at the clinic and learning how to use the nebulizer machine. GY getting the nebulizer concoction ready while I nursed the little berry. I stay with the napping baby while GY goes buy lunch for us. I guess this is what it means when we vowed to love “in sickness and in health”.