When the going gets tough

by thewallflowerchapter

The tough give thanks.

The late night wakings of late has brought me back to the dark ages, when I fell asleep knowing that I’ll be woken up for sure, it was only a matter of when. During those desperate times, I prayed much. I prayed while nursing, I prayed while eating, I prayed while carrying the little berry, walking up and down the stairs trying to soothe her cries. Praying made me realise that I’m powerless, and that I need to turn to our Creator for help, for strength, for love to go on. It gave me a window to see beyond myself, and realise how blessed I was despite the situation.

So I give thanks. And today, I continue to give thanks, because there is much to be thankful for.

I’m thankful for the live Christmas tree in our living room which permeates the air with a lovely pine scent. While decorating tree today (as the little berry had a field day crawling all over the floor licking suspicious surfaces), I put on the Pink Martini Christmas CD we have, one of the songs was about how “a child born in the cold to bring us light”. I was touched by this song because it points me to the true meaning of Christmas, the “Christ” who was born to give us hope.

I’m thankful for a husband who brings me a bolster in the morning to try and make my sleep a little better, who knows the exact bubble tea order I want and remembers to take a thick straw so I don’t go breathless trying to eat the aloe vera. This one’s a keeper.

I’m thankful for my mother in law who brought me food despite her crazy schedule juggling work and home duties. That she loves the little berry and carves out time to come see her even if it’s for a few minutes before she has to rush off to work.

I’m thankful for the books my parents bought the little berry. They looked so happy to bring the books for her yesterday. The books were not cheap and they spent the bulk of their on-shore time browsing through the bookshop to select the books for her. I’m thankful she is so loved by them.

I’m thankful for this new nursing camisole I bought last week. It’s so comfy and convenient! Wish I had bought more of it.

I’m thankful for the little berry, that she is a happy baby for most of the day and is a joy to take care of. I hope this is truly a growth spurt and that she pulls through from the sleep regression.