The issue of sleep (or the lack thereof)

by thewallflowerchapter

For quite a while now, the little berry hasn’t been sleeping through the night And if she does, it’s a rarity instead of the norm.

For the sake of my sanity, I’ve been trying to find possible reasons why this is happening.

Could it be because of her 6-month growth spurt? Or that she’s learning new skills, hence more unsettled developmentally?

Could it be that I’m feeding her too infrequently in the day time that’s why she’s hungry at night? Or am I over feeding her which screws up her eating pattern causing her to wake up to snack?

Maybe it’s the starting on solids that’s unsettling her? Should I feed her more so she stays full through the night? Or move her meal times nearer to her bedtime, but wouldn’t that be supper instead of dinner?

Is it because I nurse her to sleep, that’s why my boob has become a “sleep prop”, making her reliant on it to fall back to sleep when she wakes up in the middle of the night? Should I then stop nursing her to sleep? But if so, how do I get her to sleep??

Is her bedtime too late? Are we playing with her too close to her bedtime? Is her bedtime routine too brief?

What am I doing wrong?? Why doesn’t she sleep through the night anymore??

I’ve been telling myself to look at the other aspects of the little berry which ate thriving: her responsiveness, her cutieness, how she can patiently sit in her chair for eons while we have dinner, how she’s not a clingy baby who needs to be held all the time, how she’s usually happy to play by herself for long stretches…

But still, I have no solid solution to her sleeping woes.

Online research point to setting strict times for her nap so as to regulate her night time sleep. And to stop nursing her to sleep.

The problem is, all these solutions stress me out to no end since I know it’ll be near impossible to implement them without me tearing my hair out, or a great deal of crying (from both the little berry and I).

So at the end of the day, I turn to her creator, the one who knitted her in my womb.

Dear Lord Jesus, please help us. Show me how to help the little berry sleep through the night. Grant me divine inspiration. In the meantime as we learn, please give me resilience and strength to face the night wakings. Amen.