by thewallflowerchapter

Today I’m thankful for

The little berry’s growth and increasing responsiveness. She’s becoming cuter by the day and very often, GY and I wonder to ourselves why is our daughter so cute.

A husband who fixes the side table secretly and asks me for the grocery list. He’s the best teammate I can ask for in this journey (even though he’s very smelly at times).

My dad’s recovery from the recent nausea and giddy spells. Also for the suggestion of alternative med which I’ll be discussing with my sisters when they’re back.

The freelance opportunity which is great to let me keep up with my copywriting skills and also to supplement income.

The opportunity to stay home and watch the little berry grow up. For GY’s support in this and his sensitivity to my needs through this transition.

For Chopper who’s always there through the good and the bad. He never fails to make the little berry laugh (even when he does nothing at all!) and also never fails to destroy the clean floor.

For my mother in law who bought me breakfast and lunch even though she was in a rush this morning. Her kindness has been a blessing to me through the past few months.