Sitting, Blabbering, Crawling

by thewallflowerchapter

Sometime since the little berry was born, I blinked and my baby grew into this pre-toddler suddenly.

She’s seen so much growth these 2 weeks, I can’t quite catch up.

From rolling over, she’s gone on to semi crawling at top speed and the master bed is no longer safe to contain her while we shower (once I had to rush out of the shower cubicle with shampoo in my hair to stop her from lunging over the edge of the bed).

The day before her 6-month mark, she started blabbering a little, going “tha-tha-tha”. She’s become rather vocal now, especially when she’s in a good mood. There were a couple of times I peeked into her room and she’s just playing by herself in the cot, quietly talking to her soft toys.

The other night I got a shock when I went to the toilet and came back to find her sitting without support in her cot. I screamed for GY to come see but obviously she decided to do everything else but sit when he rushed up. She’s been making huge progress in sitting on her own and is increasingly able to do so for a couple of seconds. I think it’s really a matter of days/weeks before she gets it.

She’s also become much more interactive these days, laughing at us tickling her, responds when we read to her, smiles when she sees a familiar face. I remember I used to get so excited when she responds because it was such a rare occurrence!

I guess her exponential growth is juxtaposed with the coming of her baby cousin. Holding the day old baby in my arms, he seemed so fragile and weightless (compared to the 7.6kg I’ve been heaving around). I cannot quite remember the little berry’s infant days in great detail (except that she cried a lot in the first 2 months), but somehow it made it obvious that she’s grown so much, so quickly.

I hope I remember to keep my eyes peeled as she grows, especially since I know her growth from 6 months onwards is going to be at rocket speed… but truth be told, part of me secretly wishes that my little berry doesn’t grow up too fast. I’m missing her baby-ness already.