by thewallflowerchapter

I think about death quite a bit.

Sometimes in the wee hours of the morning or the quiet of the night, I find my thoughts meandering towards death, what it holds, what heaven might be like, whether I’ll still be GY’s wife there, whether I’ll get to see my sisters and parents.

I read something today which stayed with me.

How I choose to live is how I choose to die.

We have one life here and we should live it well for the glory of God. Yet often whilst we seek to prolong this life, we forget that it’s only temporary. That death will come. Inevitably.

These words resonated with me, and I hope to remember them:

I want to die longing to see the face of Christ. But I know I would not wish to see his face at my deathbed, if I do not wish to see his face right now.