6 Months

by thewallflowerchapter

My dear little berry,

When you were just a few days old, I couldn’t imagine you turning 6 months at all. It felt so far away, and I had no idea how we would get there.

But now in the blink of an eye you’re half a year old. You’ve grown to become a curious one and you’re giving us hints of your personality (I know you can be very determined if you set your mind on something.)

Your turning 6 months is a huge milestone for the both of us. Mainly because this is the time you’re starting to eat solids. At around the 5.5 months mark, you started waking up very frequently for night feeds, there was one horrific night you actually woke up almost every hour through the night! That was when I decided you might be ready for solids because milk doesn’t seem to fill your little tummy anymore.

You’ve taken to eating rather well. It took you just 2 meals to get the hang of moving the food to the back of your throat and swallowing it. You started on avocado as your very first food. Then you progressed on to carrots, brown rice cereal, and now cauliflower. Next, I’ll be letting you try broccoli and green peas.

You’re usually happy during meal times and would flash big smiles as you open your mouth for the food. You’re quite a fast eater when you’re hungry and can finish a bowl of food (about 2-3oz) in 10-15mins! I do wish you would stop trying to gnaw on your fingers and bib and baby seat while you’re eating though, it makes cleaning up a nightmare especially when you eat brightly colored food!

Beyond flipping over on both sides and knowing how to steady yourself on your knees and hands, you’ve also progressed to “worm” by stretching your legs to propel yourself forward. You haven’t quite gotten the hang of coordinating that with your hands so a lot of the times, you end up toppling yourself over and lying flat on your back. This doesn’t seem to bother you one bit though, you flip over almost immediately and start worming again. And if you’re tired, you lie on your back for a bit then get up again.

This is why I think you’re a determined little one and I’m always so proud to see you get up to try again even if it takes you so many tries to grab something/get to a certain destination.

Your progress in moving also means we can no longer leave you unattended on a flat surface. Just today, you’ve learnt how to break through the barrier of bolsters I’ve placed around you on our master bed. I had to literally run out of the shower with shampoo in my hair to catch you before you plunge head first onto the floor!

Dripping wet with a towel around me, I had carry you to your cot so I can finish showering. You were obviously not happy with this new arrangement (especially when you were so happy to have navigated your way over the bolster to see mummy) and was brawling the whole time I was in the shower. I think that was one of the fastest showers I’ve taken.

Besides worming, you can also sit on your own unassisted for a couple of seconds now. You usually topple after a few seconds but once again it doesn’t bother you, you just flip and start worming your way around. I can’t wait for the day you can sit on your own! Then I can be hands free to read you stories or play the guitar with you.

I’m not so much looking forward to you staring to crawl though. Many people have told me once you start crawling, it’ll be the beginning of the end. I have to be vigilant all the time. That sounds like a high stress situation we are heading towards but I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

The day before you turned 6months old, you suddenly started blabbering, saying “tha-tha-tha”. Your blabbering is really cute although you seemed to have worked it into your crying sometimes so it’s heartbreakingly painful to hear because it’s like you’re trying to tell us you’re uncomfortable/upset/hungry but we can only guess what you’re trying to say.

In terms of sleep, there really isn’t much of a pattern to speak of. Your bedtime is 9pm and we try our best to adhere to it although sometimes it gets stretched to 9.30pm or even 10pm. On those rare occasions we put you to bed late, it usually spells disaster for me coz you’ll be overtired or overstimulated by then. I remember just last week, we left CG at 10pm and by the time we got you settled it was close to 11pm. You gave me hell and woke up 4 times that night but I guess it’s not your fault since we allowed you to be up so late.

I don’t even know what to write for the sleep section anymore since you’re so erratic. Some nights you sleep from 9pm to 8am with just a top-up at 11pm. Some nights you wake up once, some nights you wake up up to 4 times. Some nights you wake up and refuse to go back to sleep. I’m just hoping that it’s the 6th month growth spurt and that you’ll outgrow it soon and adhere to a regular sleeping pattern.

You like it when I read to you although you seem to think its a game. You seem more interested in reaching for the books to gnaw on them than the reading. Your favorite book is “Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?” and you love it when I make the various animal sounds (much to Chopper’s curiosity) as we go through the book.

We brought you swimming, one of the activities your papa has been really looking forward to do with you. You were kinda tense both times we brought you into the pool, but you do relax a little after a while in the water, especially if you have something to gnaw on to take your mind off the experience. You seem to have a liking for the chlorine water, you keep trying to drink it!

You are most curious about your brother, the Chopper kunnie. He’s the only person whom you willingly smile at without him having to do anything. Sometimes you get so excited, you’d squeal in delight and flap your arms when you see him walking alongside you. I wish I could say that the enthusiasm is reciprocated but it’s sadly not the case. Chopper runs away every time you try to touch him (or lick him!!) because you’re so unpredictable. Once when I brought you two close face to face, you got so excited you started to growl loudly (in an attempt to communicate?). Chopper got scared and ran away. I guess some healthy boundaries need to be set. Whilst I would like you to know and love Chopper, I also have to teach you how not to hurt him or scare him. Chopper on his part would have to learn how to stop sniffing and licking you on the bum!

Speaking of bums, you’ve progressed on to no. 4 diapers this week! The next size up is almost for toddlers, I can’t imagine you fitting into that… Surely it would mean that your baby-ness is disappearing. I don’t think I know how to handle that at the moment.

For now, I’m just gonna enjoy your baby-ness and soak in your chuckles when I tickle you “with the torture of the little chicken”. You really are very cutie when you laugh and I hope to hear more of your laughter as you grow.

Love you, my little berry (even though you are super cranky and clingy today).