by thewallflowerchapter

Today was a madcap day.

I had to ask my folks to come over early to look after the little berry so I can go for a chiro appointment. After which I had to rush off for a talk and come back so my folks can go back before the evening peak hour traffic.

All the while my boobs felt like they were about to explode since I’ve missed 2 feeds, I was emotionally stretched from being away from the little berry for so long, physically tired from having to go for so many appointments, plus I had a friend’s gathering to attend at night so I was stressed over nursing/feeding the little berry and trying to get her to sleep before we head out.

I haven’t been this exhausted in a while. But this isn’t about that. This is about my superhero of a husband.

The one who made my chiro appointment (and even printed out the form for me) coz he couldn’t bear to see me limping around in pain. Who took time off work to send me to the appointment, hung out with me after for lunch, sent me to the talk and picked me up after.

The same guy who cooked super for me and shouted expletives as he battled the cockroach so we can sleep in peace. Who caught the lizard with his bare hands.

He’s been nothing short of a superhero of late, and I’m so thankful for the help. But truth be told, superhero or not, I still love him to the moon and back.