by thewallflowerchapter

I spent a good part of the afternoon looking at the little berry reaching out to grab her hanging mobile.

The colorful soft toys are just beyond her reach when she lies flat in the cot, but for a long long time, her hands were outstretched tirelessly trying to touch them.

She fell over many times when she tried to flip and grab them, sometimes landing hard on the mattress. But she didn’t give up, she just kept going and going. When she was tired, she lied flat to rest and stare at the soft toys, then she tried again.

Eventually she managed to reach the soft toys and even though she could barely hold on to it, she didn’t want to let go. She grabbed on to it so tightly the whole structure bent in her favor.

I think we have a strong-willed one on our hands… whether this trait eventually becomes God-fearing determination or foolish stubbornness, it’s up to us to guide and nurture, with lots of prayer and submission.