A gnawing sick feeling

by thewallflowerchapter

Whenever I have a major task to do and I haven’t yet started/completed it, I’ll always have this weird gnawing feeling in my stomach. It eats away my joy, distracts me from what’s at hand, and basically festers at the back of my mind until it’s done.

Of late, the festering task has been the book chapters I am to write. The deadline draws near and yet I cannot find the time/energy to write.

I try to write a little when the little berry sleeps, but other tasks like laundry and cooking beckon. When I do find some time in front of the laptop, my mind is distracted and empty. I was thinking of writing at night after she sleeps, but I’d much rather spend those precious minutes with GY before I sleep/get called away for cow duty.

So the days go by and I haven’t written what I’m supposed to. The gnawing is there. The joy stealer. Maybe I should just sit myself down for an hour of undistracted writing. Would that help?