Our day at 5 months

by thewallflowerchapter

Here’s how a typical day looks like for us now that the little berry has reached 5 months and is settling into a routine of sorts:

8-9am: Little berry wakes up and if GY doesn’t have to rush off for work, he goes over to bask in her morning cheeriness, change her and bring her over to our bed. I then nurse the little berry. She doesn’t drink a lot during the first feed but after some playing, she usually settles down for another feed (still in our bed) and sometimes nurses to sleep.

9.30am: If my MIL comes over to bathe the little berry, she takes a bath around 9.30am. If not then she gets to sleep in a bit more and I’ll bathe her when she wakes up, which is usually 10+. Meantime, I creep around the room to wash up and change. If she continues sleeping well then I put bolsters around her before doing other errands around the house like tidying up her room, getting ready her bathing stuff or put a load into the washing machine.

10ish am: Little berry comes down with me for a quick breakfast after which I feed her and she goes down for another nap. While she naps, I hang the laundry or work on my laptop or think about dinner plans.

12ish pm: I eat lunch and depending on whether the little berry is awake or not, she either sleeps or sits in the kitchen while I eat.

1-6pm: A blur of nursing, changing diapers, trying to get her to sleep, playing, reading or sometimes she joins me in the kitchen while I get things ready for dinner. The little berry takes a nap every 2hrs, so that’s about 3-4 short naps a day, varying from 30-50mins. How I miss those glorious days when she would nap for 2hrs straight! Hasn’t happened in recent weeks though.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays when my parents come over, I get a bit more time to eat in peace or prepare dinner. Sometimes if she doesn’t want to nap or eat or read, I strap her on and bring her to the nearby mall for a walk. I’ll pick up 1 or 2 things lacking for dinner, or a gong cha.

6-7pm: If the weather is good and she’s not sleeping, I bring her for a walk in the stroller at the park connector. As we walk, sometimes I point out the various fruit trees to her. On Mondays and Wednesdays, if GY gets off work early, I go for a run.

8-9pm: We have dinner as a family. Sometimes, GY will need to take over while I finish up cooking dinner around this time. We usually eat in the kitchen with the little berry seated beside us in her high chair. Depending on how well she’s napped/fed, she’s usually quite well behaved and would gnaw on her seat/fingers as we eat.

9pm: Little Berry’s bedtime. She’s usually rather hungry or cranky by now. She says good-knitting to papa. GY washes up in the kitchen while I bring her up to wind her down with her bedtime routine (wipe her down with a warm towel, change her diaper, a lullaby while I give her a quick massage if she’s not too cranky, then nurse her). She usually falls asleep after drinking and I transfer her most delicately from the nursing pillow to her cot. Sometimes this process takes a few tries.

10-11pm: After putting her to bed, I finally crawl into bed with GY. We watch a movie or work on our own things. We usually talk a bit and share a cuddle. Sometimes the little berry wakes up and wants to nurse again (this usually happens if she was too sleepy to drink enough at the 9pm feed).

11-12am: Lights out and we knock out. Sometimes I get woken up again to nurse, but rarely these days.