The tricky business of being ill

by thewallflowerchapter

My attitude towards falling sick is very different now than it was before.

Before, I really couldn’t be bothered and wouldn’t mind taking e break to rest at home. Now that I’m a mother, I’m a lot more careful because if I fall sick, chances are I might pass on the virus to the little berry or risk being unable to take care of her which at this point, cannot happen.

But with caution comes a lot of grey areas. Like should I stay away from family members who are sick, to the point of skipping family meals? Do I attend and pray that I won’t catch the germs? Do I insist on staying in a non-air conditioned area with the little berry because GY wants the air-con on?

My maternal instincts are kicking in and asking me, why would I want to expose myself and the little berry to the risk of viral infection? Shouldn’t I be protecting myself and my daughter to the point of being socially discourteous?

My sister has just come down with something and she’s taken extreme measures to prevent others from catching her virus. She’s staying over at a friend’s place, and asking that maybe I shouldn’t visit my parents tomorrow in case myself or the little berry gets infected.

Whilst I appreciate the measures she’s taken, I’m wondering whether it’s too late now since I’m feeling rather under the weather…