5 Months

by thewallflowerchapter

My dear little berry,

You’ve been with us for 5 months already? Wow!

Your biggest development the past month had been flipping over on your own. You used to be able to flip over to your tummy only on your right, but you’ve progressed to flip over on your left too now. You’re also slowly learning to flip back on your back, usually after lifting your bum very high in the air (in an attempt to crawl?). You can’t quite crawl yet but you have the cutest way of worming forward through a combination of bum-lifting and tucking in your neck.

You like people singing and clapping to you now, and that’s one of the sure ways to make you smile and laugh and flap your limbs in delight when you’re in a good mood. I love seeing you in this happy excited state, maybe that’s why I sing to you all the time. London Bridge Is Falling Down, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, This Is The Day, Jesus Loves The Little Children… You love all these songs.

Every morning when I see you, I’d ask you “Gracie, what day is it today?” then I’d sing This Is The Day to you. I hope it will always serve as a reminder to you that everyday is a God-created day and we are to rejoice and be glad in it.

Every night after your papa comes home, he would do Superbaby with you, where he would lift you up in the air while you’re in a horizontal plank position, and sing to the superman theme song to you. This never fails to make you smile deliriously, no matter what manner of foul mood you were in before that.

Sleep-wise, you’ve improved by so much this past month. Just when I was beginning to think that you’d never sleep through the night again, you decided to prove me wrong. You’ve been sleeping for 8-11 hours at a stretch for the past week which has been amazing for us!

The only thing is that you’ve taken to flipping over to sleep on your tummy in the middle of the night, which scares me to no end. A few mornings, either your papa or myself have discovered you lying sprawled on your tummy, sometimes with your thumb still in your mouth. It seems you’ve devised some odd way to self soothe after flipping over in the middle of the night. I’ve since removed your pillow to prevent you from suffocating on it.

This past month saw us reading you a lot better. While it’s a lot of guess work previously, we can more or less know why you cry or fuss now (usually it’s either hunger or sleepiness), and are able to address your needs better. When you’re not hungry or sleepy, you’re quite happy to play by yourself or gnaw on something to pass time. Your favorite book at the moment (Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?) has been covered by a layer of your saliva!

You’re not the kind of baby to smile at anything and everything. You usually only smile at people you’re familiar with and even then, we have to work at making you smile. Let’s hope your disposition gets cheerier as you grow older : )

You’ve brought us so much joy and I can’t wait for next month to start you on solids. I know your papa can’t wait to bring your swimming either.