First road accident

by thewallflowerchapter

Instead of turning right like I’ve signaled, I decided to go straight at the last minute on the road… I’m not sure whether it was because of my own ill judgement or the result of listening to another set of instructions.

What followed was a blur of events. I saw another car on my left honking me. I steered right to avoid it. I ended up ramming into a road divider. The impact wasn’t tremendous but it was enough for everyone to feel a strong jerk.

I reversed and tried to drive off since I was in the middle of a busy road junction but people were giving me weird stares. I switched on e hazard lights and went out to take a look. The tyre was flat and front bumper came off.

My first instinct was to call GY. He asked me to call AA but wasn’t sure if he was a member. AA said they’ll take 1-1.5hrs to come change e tyre. I didn’t know what to do.

Then I saw that there’s a lorry parked at the opposite side for pruning works so I thought I’ll ask the workers if I could park behind e lorry. What ensued was nothing short of a miracle. The workers helped me change the tyre and we could drive off.

God was truly watching over us and I feel so relieved that no one was hurt. But I’m still struggling with the fact that I could’ve potentially killed 4 people in the process of the accident, my own daughter being one of them. I guess I’m also struggling to process the fact that GY refused to come drive the car home.

From his perspective, he saw this as a small matter and wanted to train me to be strong in the face of this, for myself and for the little berry.

But a very shaken me didn’t have the confidence that I’ll be able to drive safely back AND handle a potentially cranky baby in the car (she screamed and cried while the workers were changing the tyre and I had to carry and rock her by the roadside).

I didn’t want to put her life at risk for my learning purpose.

And at this point, I believe my driving is a threat to her life. That’s why I really wanted GY to come drive us back. And I felt left in the lurch when he refused to do so.

I managed to drive home in the end, with the little berry in another car… but maybe instead of flatly refusing me and keeping his reasons for until we reach home, he could have encouraged me instead and told me that I could do it.

Maybe I just needed his assurance more than his lessons.