by thewallflowerchapter

And we have a flipper in the house!

The little berry flipped herself from back to tummy on her right yesterday. I was brushing my teeth in the toilet and left her on the master bed, when she started twisting her torso in an attempt to flip. I quickly yelled for GY who was watching tv downstairs and weak shed to catch her first complete flip together.

Then she did it again today when we plonked her on our bed. For a while she was struggling with her arm being caught under her chest, and I was so very tempted to help her especially when I see her struggle so hard.

Then I remembered the story of the boy who wanted to help the caterpillar out of its cacoon and snipped the cacoon to give it an easier passage out of its shell. The butterfly that emerged came out easily, but for the rest of its life it sported a swollen body and tiny wings.

So I resisted and resisted and in the end the little berry managed to untangle her arm and maneuver herself into an upright position!

One of the most basic human movements, yet I think GY and myself were beaming from ear to ear with pride. Our little berry is a flipper.