Meet your brother, the Chopper Kunnie

by thewallflowerchapter

When I was playing with the little berry just now, Chopper came into the room, back from his madness at the gate. The little berry’s eyes followed him as he walked past her, so I set her on the floor and held her standing in front of Chopper and made the boy sit still. What followed was too cute!

The little berry widened her eyes and started flailing her arms around in excitement as she looked at her brother in the eye (they’re about the same height when he’s sitting and she’s standing)!

Chopper was very curious about her too and moved in to sniff her. She then got really excited and starting making these squawks and cooing sounds at Chopper and when I tilted her forward, she tried to grab his face with her hands! Chopper obviously wasn’t too thrilled but I stopped her before she could eat his face the way she eats her papa’s face (just last night she was having a buffet on his nose, cheeks and mouth haha!)

She seemed really interested to touch Chopper so I guided her hands to his body for a quick pat, although I’m sure her first choice would’ve been his face. I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful sibling relationship between the two.

Now I have to go wipe the little berry’s hands, considering how much pee Chopper has all over himself…