by thewallflowerchapter

I was just telling GY the other day that these days, feeling accomplished for me means getting the little berry to sleep, dinner on the table and laundry done. It’s funny how things have changed around here, but I’m thankful.

For the husband who reminds me that my work at home is important too, and who goes “wheeee!” when I tell him that I’m cooking dinner, even though I know he approaches the dinner table with fear and trepidation sometimes.

For GY’s mum and my parents who take turns to come and help with the little berry, so I can eat my meals and get some things done around the house. I believe it is through their kindness that I’ve survived these couple of months at home.

For the little berry whose toothless grin makes it all better, especially during those zonked out wee hours of the morning. Who has recently gotten into a habit of unlatching herself mid-feed to smile or chat with me.

For the sun that makes all the laundry dry and fresh smelling.

For the sea that always calms me and reminds me to be still and know that God is God.

For the chance to sleep in this morning when the little berry woke up only at 9.30am.

For the iPhone which has faithfully been my connection with the outside world since confinement.

For the Lord Jesus, whose heart I can trust even when I can’t see His plans.