Another week

by thewallflowerchapter

In the blink of an eye, another week has gone by. I was just thinking the other day, maybe weekends don’t mean as much to stay-at-home mums.

But I do find myself looking forward to weekends since GY usually doesn’t work on weekends, so we get to hang out as a family. And sometimes if we’re up for it, we get to go somewhere together, even if it’s something simple like grocery shopping.

I also look forward to go to church for worship and spiritual food (although I really have to step up on my personal QT which is an area I’ve been sorely neglecting). CG and church are one of the few social interactions I have these days and I really cherish these pockets of time.

Family gatherings on Sundays have also taken on a new meaning, I find myself enjoying it more than I used to, I also appreciate the extra hands to help out with the little berry although the poor girl usually gets so tired by the end of the long Sunday that she crashes out before we reach home and spends a good part of Monday morning sleeping.

I guess all in all, I’m glad it’s Friday. No CG today but we had some home cooked food for dinner sans meltdowns from the little berry. She was in fact enjoying her “fish” with us at the dining table. I guess family dinners have taken on a whole few meaning these days.