4 Months

by thewallflowerchapter

My dear little berry,

Just the other day, I was commenting to your papa that I can hardly believe you’ve been with us for 4 months already. That’s one third of a year! It’s so strange how time flies now when it was crawling slower than a snail back in the early days when we were still getting used to you. The dark ages, we call them.

You weigh in at a grand total of 6.47kg, and your height is 62cm, both of which hovers around the average for your age.

You’re smile a lot more now and hand began to laugh and chuckle. I love hearing your squeals and cackles when we play the munching game with you where we pretend to munch on your stomach. Your little mouth morph into a very cute half moon when you laugh and you sometimes turn your face away as you cackle, out of shyness perhaps? 🙂

Your moods are still the best first thing in the morning. Maybe that’s why your papa makes a beeline to see you when you wake up (giving your mummy a few more minutes of much needed snooze). He said that seeing you smile in the morning is one of the best highlights of his day, and I can’t agree more.

You’d usually be squawking and talking to yourself after you wake up, shuffling your feet and doing your body rotating thing, but when you spot one of us peering into your cot, you break into the loveliest smiles and it somehow makes whatever nonsense you’ve put me through the night before more bearable.

You can be quite a chatterbox when you’re in a good mood, your papa likes to say “why you so noisy?” but I know he secretly loves hearing you squawk.

You’re tolerating tummy time a lot more now, and sometimes I think you even enjoy it. But you don’t like being on your tummy for more than a couple of minutes each time. There were a couple of times when you surprised me by flipping over and untangling your arm after I’ve helped you with the initial bit. Won’t be long before you can flip over on your own, I reckon.

Your crying episodes are much less now, in fact I hardly hear you cry without knowing the reason. And once those reasons are addressed (usually sleepiness or hunger), you’re your happy self again.

You can now put your hands into your mouth very accurately, and can grab things with your fingers relatively well if we position them for you. You’re especially good at grabbing hair and my clothes when you’re nursing, hmmm.

This month saw an influx of new books and toys we’re introducing to you. Your favorite toy so far is the silicon “fish” I made your papa buy for you. Books-wise, you’re only interested in munching on the pages, although you do stare intently at the colorful pages and when we turn them. I really hope you take to reading.

Your favorite things to munch on now are your car seat belt and the side of the action baby carrier. You also like to lick the white portion of your bebepod seat.

Your neck muscles are quite strong now, and you can hold your neck up for long periods of time without support, although you do slump forward or hang your head when you get tired. Oh and you love to stand up (with us holding you of course), even though your legs are wobbly.

You can be left alone to entertain yourself for quite a bit. Nowadays I’ve taken to cooking while you lounge in your bebepod seat in the kitchen. The mattress in the living room is no longer safe after you’ve wriggled your way to the edge and bumped your head on the floor. You weren’t too happy about the episode and cried for about half a minute.

You’ve sort of regressed in your sleeping patterns and no longer sleep through the night. In fact there were a couple of times when you woke me up 3-4 times a night, and once when you refused to go back to sleep after waking up, and just kept talking/singing to yourself. It really was very cute to watch, I just wish it wasn’t at 4 in the morning! Well I have faith that you’ve done and it before and you can do it again, the whole sleeping through the night thing, when you’re ready.

All in all I still find you a joy to look after, even though there are days you really drive me nuts (usually the night wakings). Remember my little berry, mummy loves you very much!