Surrender and trust

by thewallflowerchapter

Easier said than done. Even after He’s brought me through the perils of Everest, I still find difficulty trusting that He’ll provide for me, that He sees my heart and knows what’s best.

Dear Lord,
I pray that you guide me through this time of discouragement, when things are stagnant and doors are closed.

Lord you are the one who brought the little berry to this world and your love for her far exceeds what I’m humanly capable of. Surely Lord you have the means to provide for her the caregivers who will be best for her. I pray that you do so.

I pray also that you see the desire of my heart to care for her. To be there to take in every moment of her growing up. To enjoy her. To know what makes her laugh and what upsets her. To be there when she needs comforting.

Lord help me lay these desires at your feet. Help me surrender to you what my heart yearns for. I pray you show me how to, because it’s very very hard to imagine being away from her.

Sometimes I wonder why have you created this bond between us and yet have to separate us from each other. It’s so unfair Lord.

But when I don’t understand, when
I can’t see your plans, when I can’t trace your hand; help me trust your heart.