Our day’s schedule

by thewallflowerchapter

Just so I can look back one day and wonder if we survived it all… this is a glimpse of our weekdays, very very vaguely.

7-8am: Little berry wakes up for her first feed of the day. I’ve taken to pumping milk at this time. If not, GY will bring her over and I’ll nurse her in bed which is great coz we both get to sleep in and I love how the little berry gets wedged in between us.

9.30am: GY’s mum comes over to bathe her (on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays) and I eat breakfast and get some laundry done while she plays with the little berry for a bit. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we sleep in for a bit longer and I bathe the little berry on my own before bringing her down to join me for breakfast. If she’s in a good mood and not too sleepy, I take the chance to keep the laundry and get a couple of things down around the kitchen.

10-11am: Next feed. Little berry usually sleeps after this feed. I’ll let her sleep a while on the nursing pillow before transferring her to the rocker downstairs, or if her diaper needs to be changed, I’ll bounce her on the exercise ball and then transfer her to the rocker. I would like to say that this is her longest nap but her afternoons are so erratic that it’s hard to say so. Sometimes she naps for a good 1-2hrs here, sometimes she wakes up after 20-30mins. While she naps, I quickly heat up some lunch and gobble it down. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, my folks come over and take over from me for a while while I have an early lunch. If my folks are here, I get to prepare dinner for the night.

12-1pm: Next feed. For the past 2 weeks I’ve been nursing her in front of the TV while I catch the Olympics. If she sleeps after the feed I immediately plonk her back on the rocker. If she doesn’t, I play with her for a bit and change her before putting her to bed with the exercise ball and then the rocker.

2-3pm: Next feed. Sometimes it gets hard to get her to sleep after this. If she hasn’t pooed the whole day, I’ll prop her up against my thighs and let her poop. Usually I take this time to talk to her as well.

4-5pm: Next feed. After this feed I sometimes go running on Mondays and Wednesdays if GY comes home early. Sometimes I bring her out for a walk on her stroller to the nearby park connector if she isn’t too tired, although this practice has stopped during the Olympics run, heh heh.

6-7pm: Next feed. I try to wind her down after this feed but usually am unsuccessful because her eyes would be wide awake.

8-9pm: Next feed. I try once again to wind her down and if she isn’t screaming from hunger, I do the nighttime routine of wiping her down and giving her a quick massage before nursing her. I dim the lights and try to let her sleep in her cot after nursing. She usually sleeps only for a short while before fussing and waking up. Then we’ll mill around with her for the next hour or so till her next feed. Sometimes she joins us for dinner.

10-11pm: Last feed of the day. This is also the longest feed, sometimes taking up to 50mins because I nurse her to a very sleepy state for this feed. After I plonk her in the cot, sometimes she wakes up and has to be nursed again, sometimes she sleeps. It’s been 50/50 so far, even though I would always pray very hard that she’d sleep so I can get some time with GY or get some rest myself. After she sleeps, I get up from the chair very quietly and tiptoe back to our room. If GY is preoccupied which he usually is, I brush my teeth and lie in bed for a bit, wondering whether she’s going to wake up again.

4-6am: Little berry sometimes wakes up for a quick top-up. Usually she takes only 10mins at the
breast before going back to sleep, but once I transfer her back to her bed, she wakes up and starts to flail her limbs for a loooong time. I used to sit and watch her fall back to sleep but recently I’ve given up and just left her as she is and go back to bed praying that she goes to sleep herself. She usually does.