3 month update

by thewallflowerchapter

My little berry,

You turn 12 weeks old this week. You’ve changed so much over the past few weeks it’s hard to imagine you as that little meatball you used to be, just sleeping and lying around all day, haha.

Today at NUH, we weighed you and you’re a whooping 5.57kg (44th percentile) now, and according to your papa you’re abnormally tall at 61.2cm (80th percentile).

You know every time we weigh you, I’m always excited to know how much you’ve gained because that’s how I actually know that the hours and hours spent nursing you didn’t go to waste!

I guess the biggest leap you’ve made this past month was that you’ve started becoming more vocal and interactive. When you’re in a good mood (ie ate and slept well), you’d chatter non stop to yourself or anyone who would talk to you (usually your papa or me). You would squeak and squeal and make very cutie noises as we talk to you, and sometimes this can go on for as long as 20-30mins!

In the mornings when you wake up after you’ve had enough sleep, you would happily be squealing to yourself in bed while waiting for one of us to come get you. And when we peer into the cot, you’d flash us your biggest smiles : )

You’ve finally discovered you have hands and now spend a good amount of time staring at your fists before stuffing them into your mouth for a good munch (if you aim right, that is). This whole business of licking/sucking your fists has been going on for a while now, your aiming is definitely better – you actually hit your head less – but you’ve yet to figure out where your thumb is so you end up munching your entire fist which isn’t as satisfying. I’m still waiting for the day you can settle yourself to sleep with your thumb, but people tell me that’s another problem I might be creating. I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

I’m not sure if it’s because you’re beginning to recognize faces, but it seems that you flash me your biggest smiles, followed by your papa. You just kinda stare at other people and they have to work really hard and catch you in a good mood before you would smile or respond to them.

You’ve began sleeping through the night a couple of weeks back, but before we could celebrate, you brought us, or rather, me through a week of hell last week, waking up every 2 hours through the night. I’m hoping it’s a growth spurt because you seem to be back on regular programming this week, although you’re still not clocking the 6-7 hours you were doing previously. But you’ll get there I’m sure.

Your bedtime is something I’m really concerned over. I don’t think 3 month old babies sleep at midnight generally so that’s something that has to change. Also, I really hope to have an effective bedtime routine in place for you soon. Currently it involves dimming the lights, a quick wipe down, massage, nursing then sleep. I’m quite happy with this except that you don’t actually sleep after this! I’d put you in your cot and you’ll wake up 10mins later and we’re back to square one. Maybe I should move the routine a little later. I guess we’re still experimenting. But I’m really hoping that I don’t have to resort to sleep train you because honestly, I don’t think I can live with your crying.

Sadly you’re also sleeping way less than the recommended 16 hours a day. On good days you clock about 14 hours, but normally you sleep only 11-12 hours a day. I guess this is intrinsically linked to your late bedtime problem so we’ll probably have to tackle this together. I kinda have a feeling that it could be solved if we wake you up earlier but that means I’ll have to wake up earlier too and I cringe just thinking about that.

You got your pneumococcal jab today and you took it like a champ. You wailed really angrily for a couple of seconds and then just stopped and decided to move on with life. Your papa and I were so proud of you!

This week I had an interview so your papa had to take care of you for a while. I prepared a bottle of expressed breast milk in case you get hungry while I’m away but he didn’t have to use that. Luckily too because you don’t really drink from the bottle. I’m not sure if it’s because of the rubber teat, the temperature of the milk or that you just prefer to drink from the breast, but you rejected the first bottle feed and suckled only for a while from the second attempt. I hope you take to the bottle soon because that’s going to happen eventually. I guess on some level, I’m also hoping for a bit of freedom in my movement if someone else can feed you while I’m away.

Feeding wise, it’s been hard to keep tract because of that hellish week where you nursed up to 13 times a day. But generally you do about 7-10 sessions a day, between 10-30 minutes each time. I’ve taken to pumping milk when I give you your first feed in the morning. It’s much faster doing that than pumping after I feed you, but then it gets a bit messy with breast milk spilling all over the place at times.

You still hate tummy time so it’s pretty amazing how your neck got stronger without that. You can now hold your neck on your own for quite a while when we sit you in an upright position, and you also like your papa to carry you siting upright facing outwards.

We are still a long way from a proper routine or bedtime, but I think the laughs and coos we had this month was pretty awesome. Keep that up, won’t you? : )