Enjoying the little berry

by thewallflowerchapter

I’m not sure if it’s because we’re getting better at reading her cues, or that she’s finally settling into this strange new world, she’s been a real joy to be with the past week.

She coos and squawks when we talk to her, she’s generally in a cheerful mood when she’s not hungry or sleepy. We’re beginning to see a bit of her character coming through, I suspect our initial predictions of her being a spirited baby is right, she can be a real feisty one when she’s overtired, overstimulated or hungry! But when she’s well fed and has had enough rest, she’s happy to chill on her own for quite a while, often staring at her newfound discovery – her hands. It’s hilarious looking at her stare at her hands as though they’re foreign objects, and then try to bring them to her mouth but punching herself in the nose or forehead instead, haha.

I remember one of my constant prayers when I was pregnant – that our little berry be a joy to take care of. It’s such a blessing to begin seeing that prayer being answered : )