While you were sleeping

by thewallflowerchapter

[Written last week]
6h 50mins. That’s how long the little berry slept at a stretch last night! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I heard her cries on the baby monitor and checked my phone. I quickly hurried to her room to feed her because I thought the poor thing must be starving! And also because milk was bursting out of my boobs… She was wide awake and doing the kungfu thing where she flails all 4 limbs around madly, head off the pillow. I was quite surprised she wasn’t crying. I checked her diaper and it was no surprise that there was a leak, considering it hasn’t been changed for 6 hours. I put her on the changing table and went around getting her cot sorted out so she can rest in it again after feeding. I half expected her to cry like crazy on the changing table but she didn’t. She was just chilling out looking at the dots until I changed her and set her down to feed her, all the while feeling amazed at what’s going on.

[Written today]
Since the update above, the little berry has slept for 5-7 hours consistently for the past week, there was even one night she slept for a whooping 8 hours! We are blessed beyond belief at this phenomenon and really hope it’ll last because babies typically sleep this well only when they reach 6 months old.