Celebrating small victories

by thewallflowerchapter

There are good days and there are bad days in this motherhood journey. Here’s to remembering small victories and milestones:

For the longest time, the little berry could only nap when carried AND walked. Up and down the stairs too. She detects the lack of motion like a pink panther and would cry if I so much as sit down with her in my arms.

Needles to say, it was an absolute nightmare to put her down to sleep because 90% of the time, she would wake up and need to be carried and rocked to sleep again.

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been able to stop walking and just bounce her on the exercise ball. I’ve also been able put her down in the car seat which doubles up as a precarious rocker. It’s not always successful but there are hits at least. And whenever she fusses I can then rock her to sleep. This frees up my hands to do stuff even though I need to stay in one spot because my foot is on standby to rock her if she wakes.

Then a miracle happened this week. She actually self soothed to sleep in her cot one afternoon! This is huge because it’s never happened before in the daytime. I could never put her down to sleep in her cot even when she’s sleeping, much less when she’s awake.

As I type this entry, it’s happened again! Though this time, I rocked her to sleep first before putting her in the cot. But I’m not complaining! This may mean more trips up and down the stairs to check on her but I think it’s important that we start somewhere letting her get used to the idea of napping in her cot.

So essentially she progressed from:

  • Have to be carried and walked around continuously to map

  • Can just bounce on the exercise ball to be lulled to sleep

  • Can be put down in car seat to sleep, can be rocked back to sleep if startled

  • Can be put down in the cot to sleep

    Of course there are still fussy periods when nothing works and she still has to be carried and walked around, but well this entry is about small victories : )