2 Month update

by thewallflowerchapter

The little berry is 8 weeks old! Back in the beginning when I was all blue and overwhelmed, I never thought I would survive till this day, but by the Lord’s grace we all have and it’s been a great ride thus far for team 48 – exhausting and frustrating at times, but also full of laughs and heart melting moments. Just want to remember the little berry’s growth milestones here:


  • She’s almost doubled her birth weight of 2.7kg to 4.86kg (41st percentile)
  • Tremendous height, or should I say length gain from 47 to 58cm (71st percentile)
  • Her tear ducts are developed. The 1st time I witnessed tears rimming around her eyes was when she had her blood drawn for the jaundice check. Then another occasion when she had a meltdown at home.
  • She moved her limbs very violently (even when she’s nursing, she twists and turns and mutilates my nipples!)
  • She was very hairy on her shoulders and back when she was born, very much like a tiny ape. Now, those hair have mostly fallen off and even the balding patch on her head has hair growing back.
  • At around 5 weeks, she got this yellow patch on het left eyebrow which turned crusty. This skin condition called seborrhoeic dermatitis, is a cradle cap-like kind of eczema very common among babies. My MIL and I brought her to see the neighborhood paed and it’s now resolved after some cream.
  • Her fingernails grow really fast. I trim them about once a week while nursing her. There was once I cut her index finger while trimming her nails and she burst out crying most pitifully. She was comforted by the suckling soon after but I felt so bad.
  • She tries to suck her fist/thumb these days, with a 30-40% success rate. The rest of the time when she misses, it’s grumpy vale.
  • When she’s alert, she likes staring at faces, especially the faces of those carrying her. She loves to look at people’s mouths moving as they talk to her, and sometimes she coos back.
  • She’s quite a wriggly little worm. There were a couple of times GY and I found her somewhat away from her pillow in the cot, having wriggled her way down the mattress.


  • Her sleeping times are still pretty erratic, but she usually sleeps around 9pm, (waking up for 2-3 night feeds) through to 7plus in the morning. She usually takes a longish kinda nap around noon, and cat naps the rest of the day, which makes it a bit challenging to get things done sometimes.
  • Bouncing on the exercise ball calms her and lulls her to sleep in the daytime, after which I’d transfer her to the car seat which doubles up as a rocker so she can be with me while I do stuff in the kitchen, and I can rock to soothe her if she stirs, which happens quite often during daytime.
  • She self soothes to sleep at night after nursing when I put her drowsy but awake in the cot, usually after her 8-9pm feed. She would stretch her limbs and scrunch up her face, but eventually fall asleep.
  • She doesn’t last much longer than being awake for 2hrs at a stretch and and lets us know clearly (and loudly) when she wants to sleep.
  • She’s quite happy to play in her own cot when she wakes, until she decides she’s had enough, then will make noise – in incremental intensity.
  • Feeding:

  • She’s nursing well, on one breast each feed for 15-50mins. It’s such a wide range because she sometimes gets very hungry suddenly and would scream murder if I unlatch her when she hasn’t had enough.
  • She’s still quite sleep when nursing and it can be hard to wake her to suck properly at times.
  • She sometimes makes kitty meow-like noises when nursing which is very very cute to hear.
  • Still opens her mouth wide and turn her head from side to side v quickly when hungry and senses milk in the vicinity.
  • On average, she takes about 9-10 feeds a day, including 2-3 night feeds which I’m praying will cut down soon.
  • Others:

  • I think she’s beginning to recognize familiar faces, especially mine and GY’s. Sometimes when I’m groggy eyed during the night feeds, out of nowhere I’ll be greeted with a smile when I peer into her cot. I suspect my face spells MILK to her.
  • She poos and farts after every feed when I prop her up against my thighs. I would be talking to her or singing along music or showing her polka dots, then she would suddenly have this glazed over look, be very still for a while with a funny expression like she’s concentrating very hard on something. Too funny to watch, except the risk this comes with – I’ve been pooped on twice already when her poo overflows onto me./li>;
  • She’s not a fan of tummy time, and makes sad kitty-like whimpering sounds when she’s placed on her tummy. She’s able to lift and turn head briefly though.
  • She continues to love polka dots. Her eyes widen in excitement and she opens her mouth to smile at them when I flash the dots, usually after nursing and after she’s farted because she’s usually in a good mood then.
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